Frame samples and supplies have arrived

Last week I made contact with a supplier in Perth to see if they would be willing to supply lengths of float frame mouldings, for me to assemble my own frames.

I ordered a few sample offcuts, along with some framing wire & hooks, and they arrived on my doorstep this morning! 

They seem happy to cut the 3m lengths down to 1.2/1.8m pieces to fit in my car. Given they quoted me what seems a very low price per linear metre, I wanted to check the quality of the mouldings before going ahead with anything. Usually charging $25/m for their framing service, they offered to sell the lengths for between $3-5/m, or $8/m complete with mitre cuts to size ready for assembly.

They seem fairly reasonable, but I’ll get a second opinion before going ahead with them. Most of the mouldings are suited to narrower canvases,which is fine for the stretcher frames I ordered and assembled, but not for any of the thicker 40mm deep ones I’ve made from scratch. I do really like the handmade timber frame I came up with last week, so I’ll do a comparison of cost v effort v time v finish and see what wins out.  

That’s a lot of framing wire! Buying a full roll worked out waaay cheaper than getting smaller amounts. This should keep me sorted for a while… now I just need to get busy and whip out some paints!

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