Solo Exhibition Project

Project Description

I am currently undertaking a Creative Grid Emerging Artist Mentorship, facilitated
by Southern Forest Arts and supported by Arts Narrogin. I am working closely with local mentor Karen Keeley to develop, display and document a cohesive body of work for my first solo exhibition. The work will be showcased at NEXIS (Narrogin Exhibition Space) in May 2019. Under the support and guidance of my mentor, this project will extend my artistic and conceptual skills, build my confidence and capability to approach other galleries and contribute to the development of a sustainable arts practice.

This creative development project is also supported by Country Arts WA in the form of a Next Level YCulture Regional grant. The grant provides assistance with purchasing materials to develop the body of work and with exhibition costs including framing and promotion.

The Creative Grid one of three successful projects implemented through the pilot round of
the Regional Arts Partnership Program. Facilitated by Southern Forest Arts, The Creative
Grid has developed a series of 50 Mentorships to support creative careers in regional WA for visual artists, curators and photographers.

Arts Narrogin is providing in-kind contributions toward this project including venue hire of
NEXIS on behalf of the Shire of Narrogin. The staff and volunteers will provide invaluable support and assistance with marketing, administration, installation, networking, industry contacts and knowledge. We will work closely together throughout the project, especially in coordinating and promoting the exhibition, and sourcing volunteers to assist with installation, opening night and exhibition invigilation.

Karen Keeley will mentor me through concept development, provide constructive feedback and guidance on my work, as well as give practical advice on exhibition planning, preparation, marketing, promotion and installation. I will gain a better understanding of how to develop a cohesive body of work and a clearer sense of the processes involved with executing an exhibition; what needs to be done, by when, by whom and how to make it successful according to my own criteria.

Guided by Karen, I will push the boundaries of my skills and techniques in figurative oil painting to develop a unique form of mark-making. I will explore and question relationships between ‘self’ and the environment we live in, examining themes of identity, memory, belonging and isolation. I will explore my interest in working across and between the boundaries of different disciplines potentially including drawing, animation, projection or 3D scanning and printing.

  • Develop, document and display a cohesive body of work for solo exhibition at NEXIS (Narrogin Exhibition Space) in May 2019;
  • Experiment with new techniques, media and creative approaches as guided by my Mentor in the development of new work;
  • Make the most of this opportunity to connect with my Mentor’s practical expertise, professional experience and networks, and those of Arts Narrogin and The Creative Grid.
  • Learn strategies from my Mentor to help me develop and sustain a professional arts practice and help me overcome some of the challenges that may arise;
  • Investigate further opportunities for professional development and potential venues for further solo exhibitions in 2019-2020.
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This program is supported by the State Government of WA and Country Arts WA, and presented by Drug Aware